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What are the benefits of a Networking event?

What are the benefits of a Networking event?

Is there a correlation between business networking and increased sales?

Networking is a great method for raising your profile and potentially increasing your sales.
If used effectively, a Networking event will generate new leads, new contacts and new business. First, you need to plan a great event.

Welcome drinks and light entertainment works wonders at a networking event.

Always choose an interesting venue which is fit for the purpose and scale of your event. Your guests can easily have a negative subliminal response if they were not impressed with any of the features of your Networking event. On the other hand, if you do everything correctly and make a great impression, this will inspire your guests. From there, it is really a matter of having engaging discussions about products or services that are of benefit to your contacts.

In London, there are some stunning venues for business networking events. One of my favourites is Altitude 360 because of the magnificent views, I also like the Inner Temple which is on the Embankment and Vinopolis on the South Bank. However, depending on the scale of your event, the venue can easily be in a private function room, a luxury car showroom, a gallery or at a Golf Club. In each situation you must ensure that the reception is a success and the guests are delighted with your hospitality.

Our clients have hired a steel band with 3 players as light entertainment for the reception drinks at many Networking events, the music is pitched at the right level so you can easily talk over it. Sometimes they also include a close-up Magician or a Caricaturist, all of which have worked successfully at different events.

After hosting a successful Networking event you can follow up on any potential leads and develop new partnerships.

If you regularly attend Networking events, please tell us about your best experiences, the venue, the reception and how you enjoyed the experience. I look forward to reading your comments. You can also visit one of my favourite networking sites: 
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